If you were to ask your friend or office colleague, “What would give you peace of mind?” – he or she might say a million dollars, or a luxury yacht, or a fiery red Ferrari, or an Armani wardrobe, or even a cruise around the world!  This begs the question, “Will these luxuries and indulgences really help you achieve the ultimate desired outcome?”  I’m thinking that if contentment can be attained by something as simple as travelling to exotic places, or owning lots of stuff, then life would not be as complicated it seems to be.

Humankind, in general, comprises an unsatisfied lot, always craving for more and more.  I’m hazarding a guess that much of this greed is as a result of the causal affluence that has been levied upon us as we continue to mature as a nation.  Don’t forget, Singapore grew from a mere fishing village to a mega global hub in less than half a century! 

Peace of mind has been defined as “an undisturbed state; absence of mental conflict; serenity”.  If this be so, wouldn’t you think that it’s going to be hard to achieve this state by just obtaining more possessions or traversing the world!  Getting more stuff usually leads to wanting to get even more stuff.  It is only a temporary solution.  I saw a cartoon once which depicted four characters – a very old, and a very young couple.  The old lady had a speech bubble which read, “If only I had her figure”, referring to the sexy young thing. The nubile hottie had a speech bubble herself which read, “If only I had her diamonds!” referring to the old hag. When looking at the old man, the young chap had this thought, “If only I had his money”.  The old retiree looking across at the young stud thought “If only I had his wife!” Life is such isn’t it? The grass always seems to look greener on the other side.

Someone once said that peace of mind starts with being grateful for what we have right now!  Many a time, thankfulness begets more blessings upon one’s life.  When we are thankful for what we have – namely our friends and our possessions – we attract more and more good people and good things!   People who always complain about what they don’t have often tend to stagnate, and at times even regress. It’s a law of life that dishes up for you more of what you like to dwell upon.  Complainers often attract more things to complain about!  So if you’re the sort that is always envious about what others have, and constantly whingeing about what you don’t have, consider taking a different tack and start being thankful and happy for what you do have, for I believe that if you apply this principle, then more will come your way!

There is an Indian proverb that reads, “I had no shoes and complained until I met a man who had no feet.”  Everything needs to be looked at in the right perspective.  Anthony J D’Angelo once said, “If you have the time to whine and complain about something, then you have the time to do something about it.” I wish you peace of mind and a thankful heart!