Artistic Vomit

After a long hiatus, just finished this piece for my department’s reception!

What do you get when you throw Van Gogh, Dali & Warhol into the palette mosh pit, dip your camel-hair brush into the concoction, and dab it onto a canvas board?  You get a confused multifarious range of expressions ranging from surreal sunflower depictions through to faceless nudes and tribal face-offs!  And in my unusual moments of staidness, some regular stuff do emerge, providing equilibrium to the artistic equation!

Sunflower Barrage


A kaleidoscopic journey through a vibrant barrage of acrylics on canvass expressions depicted via a palette of bright and warm colours – the predominant focus being hues of red, yellow and orange.  An obsession with the “optimistic & happy” sunflower supports my lifelong yearning to find true happiness across every aspect of my existence.

Rhapsody In Red


Inflicted with a short span of attention, I am “guilty as charged” for straying off the straight and narrow and having a go at nudes, weird facials and idiosyncratic interpretations.

Coupling @ Sunset


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