Write Lah!

Here’s where you can drop me a line folks!  Thanks for dropping by and here’s wishing you Carpe Diem!


  1. Good day Geoff,

    We have not met, however I have reviewed your presentation form the INMA conference and am very impressed. I am currently working on an overall presentation and my Vice President of Sales saw your presentation at the INMA conference and thought you had all the content that I am looking to build.

    In saying that, I was hoping to use some of your content slides specifically the slides on the History of newspapers and the various implementation / creative ideas that you have noted and some of the editorial / Sales evolution slides.

    I would like your permission to use these slides – you will of course be given credit for contributing to the presentation I am working on.

    Again, I was very impressed with your presentation. If you have any other presentations that you are willing to share – I would love to see them. I am officially a “fan”.

    Please confirm that you are okay with my using some of your slides.

    Thank you Geoff.

    Best regards,

    Tracy Mainland l Sr. Director – Advertising Sales
    The Winnipeg Free Press
    (204) 697-7172

    • Hi Tracy,

      Thanks for your positive comments. I don’t have an issue with you using parts of the content. Can you get it off the folks from Newspapers Canada or if you have already downloaded it, go ahead and use it. It’s for internal presentations I presume. Best Regards. Geoff

  2. Ey Geoff!!
    Never kena struck down by copyright yet ah?! Give album free free like that?!! ;DD

  3. Hi Geoff. Would like to share three original songs from my recent CD with you. They are :-

    1. One Little Red Dot http://youtu.be/nDhF-tO-MbY A song tribute to Singapore

    2. Lee Raja & Toh http://youtu.be/q0mV0tBNvMw A song tribute to The Old Guards

    3. Maybe Someday “… http://youtu.be/bRy803BnCDw A song tribute to Singaporean singers & musicians

    By the way, Khew Sin Sun contributed one item on the CD…an instrumental of my composition…just fyi.

    Hope you like the songs.


    David Wee

  4. Hi Geoff,

    Some friends and I were reminiscing about younger and simpler days couple of nights ago, and we ended up talking about The Wahlau Gang!. I remember having the CDs when I was 12, almost a decade and a half ago and we all still remember Mr Chee Cheong Fun who likes to kua wayang. Some googling has led me to your blog.

    Is there any way we can still purchase the CDs? Fragments of your songs have been stuck in our heads for days and we want to listen to them again!

    Let me know, thank you very much.


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