Edible Heaven

A little less famous than FAMOUS AMOS but a whole lot tastier!  LOOKS YUCKY TASTES YUMMY – my very own brand of delectable, home-baked, hand-crafted, gourmet-quality chocolate chip cookies!  Excruciatingly addictive and simply irresistible to the last crumb. 

LOOKS YUCKY TASTES YUMMY is made off a secret recipe handed down to me by my mum, and inspiringly tweaked to bring out the orgasmic aura of what you would expect in the ultimate cookie extraordinaire.

Chip off the ol' choc-a-bloc!


There’s obviously only one way to experience this, and that is to try it.  Only then will you know how with every bite, the fibre-filled crunchiness of the cookie gives way to an avalanche of multiple sweet sensations as the taste of biscuit is intermittently and sensually aroused by ecstatic bursts of concentrated chocolate from the melting cocoa chips.


Orgasmic Cookie Delights

Don’t take my word for it, check out what my fans have to say about it [and no, I didn’t bribe them to fake these testimonials!] 

“It’s the best chocolate-chip cookie I have ever eaten.  The light and crunchy texture does not make me feel guilty to have a few more!”

Grace Chua, Cookie Connoisseur

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