Living Capsules

My Motivational & InspirationalTakes On Life 



Fiction and fact as expressed in the written word has distinctly been another creative area of interest for me.  My contribution in the form of a weekly column in My Paper, a mass-circulation free-sheet newspaper in Singapore, features inspirational and motivational capsules meant to spur highly-strung and stressed-out homo-sapiens onto more meaningful things. 


My wish is for these pieces to speak to every readers’ soul, drawing out that part of them that requires a gentle word of encouragement, a soft nudge to remind them to re-balance elements in their lives, or perhaps offer a few non-threatening suggestions on how they can maximize their potential and live their lives to the fullest. 



I dish these out with full admittance that although I try and practice what I preach, imperfection prevails.  And that’s when GOD floats into the picture, puts everything into the right perspective, and makes Himself real to me.