‘Allo ‘Allo!

A word of caution! If you’ve come into this expecting a run-of-the-mill traditional take on things, you’ve obviously come to the wrong destination. However, if you have lots of clock inventory up your sleeve and keen enough to delve into the psyche of an eclectic homosapienic soul with a diverse range of interests, welcome to my world!


Life, to me, is a tapestry of sorts. Every experience I encounter contributes to a single weave of the yarn. An accumulation of weaves, manoeuvred through intricate twists and turns, converges to form the big picture. The more multi-faceted my encounters are, the more colourful the visual becomes. The unavoidable roller-coaster ups and downs of everyday life, as expressed in knots and kinks on the flip side of the fabric, will assuredly be reflected as a unique masterpiece at journey’s end!


My personal motto: “Dare To Dream, Dare To Do, Dare To Live!”

“Jack of all trades, master of some” is what some of my friends refer to me as. I guess with friends like these, you don’t really need any enemies! I jest lah, ‘cos they’re really nice guys.

Anyway, Geoff’s the name and morphing’s the game – my many faces comprise everything from exuberant advertising evangelist to pseudo pastry chef; from wannabe still-life artist to Harley biker groupie; from motivational newspaper columnist to Singlish songwriter; and from business school lecturer to retro musician & jammer!


Come into this domain with a mind akin to a parachute! Each vertical will infuse you with a little part of me. Feel free to browse and imbibe in everything that is Geoff Tan – from free downloads of my colloquially-Singaporean songs & quips, to ordering a jar of my gourmet chocolate chip cookies; from scouring through my gallery and attempting to interpret my art pieces, to delving into the hidden gems within the stories that I tell; from rummaging through my cosmopolitan photo archive & travelogue, to dropping me an encouraging line! Oh why the analogy of “a parachute”? ‘Cos a parachute functions best when open, just like your mind lah!


Friends, life is way too short to be merely a slave to the daily grind. Why sell your soul to a staid uni-dimensional existence, when you can leave your mark across a host of worthwhile encounters? The tapestry across each and every one of your lives can indeed be vibrantly-colourful, emotionally-charged, and ecstatically interesting.

The legendary and iconic James Dean once said,

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” How utterly profound!

For both intentional and accidental tourists to this site, I hope you will take away from your visit here, the realization that life should indeed be lived with insatiable passion and joyous intensity. Enjoy the ride folks!

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  1. Geoff, Ron Heffernan trying to contact you re 40 yr reunion this year. especially keen to get the boarders together.

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